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Working, Salaries and Living in Poland

Poland, one of the European countries, is a developing country. This country, which entered the European Union in 2004, is both a tourist and a tourist destination. work abroad is the common point. Working abroad has become a logical option for everyone, as our country’s economy is getting worse day by day and the money we earn is not enough to sustain our lives. Since Poland is a developing country, it needs employees. working in poland So it’s an opportunity for everyone.

Poland is developing in the industrial field. Foreign countries are in a race to invest in this country. This race is accelerating day by day and the need for working people in the country is increasing in parallel.

Job Opportunity for Those Who Want to Work in Poland

Poland has a population of forty million. The majority of the population is Slavic. There is also a very large minority population in the country and the majority of minorities are Germans and Ukrainians. Since the majority of the country is Christian, Muslims are a minority in the country. But everyone living in the country respects Muslims and has no reaction to their way of life. Therefore, if you are a person who wants to work in Poland, you will not have to live in an environment where you will feel bad. Recently, many people from our country have started to immigrate to Poland. Although most of the people who go to Poland are university graduates, skilled workers have also started to settle in Poland. Therefore, even though Turks are in the minority position for now, the number of people settling in Poland will increase over time and the Turks will be less alienated in this country.

You have many options for working in Poland. The first is to work in the mining industry. Poland is the largest coal producer in Europe. That is why the mining industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Poland. Employees are always needed in this rapidly developing industry. Apart from the mining sector, the energy sector is one of Poland’s livelihoods. However, since Poland obtains its electrical energy from coal, these two related sectors survive through each other. Therefore, people working in these fields are rewarded for their hard work. You can get the salary you deserve by working in this field, which is a challenging job. Compared to Turkey, those working in this field receive twice the salary they receive in our country.

On the other hand, unlike other developing countries, Poland attaches great importance to agriculture. In this country, which is a pioneer in barley, sugar beet and oat production, agricultural workers can also get the wages they deserve. Poland, which has fertile lands, is aware of this advantage and contributes to the country’s economy by importing products abroad. Poland carries out most of its trade with Russia.

If you are an industrial worker who wants to work in Poland, you can easily find a job in this country. Employees in this country, which continues its investments in the field of textile and automotive, can live a life with high living standards. It is very difficult to live in Turkey as a worker. In Poland you will not face this situation. You can easily reap the rewards of your hard work.

To work in Poland you need to have some skills. The most important of these conditions is knowing Polish or English. If you know any of these two languages, it will be quite easy for you to find a job.

Salaries in Poland

The minimum wage in Poland is 995 Euros. But people working in Poland earn more than the minimum wage. The per capita income in this country is over 7,200 Euros. Employees in this country with a high level of development receive an average salary of 2,000 Euros. It is quite easy to live in Poland with this money. A university graduate and self-improved person receives a salary of around 7,000 Euros in his profession. People who live their lives easily with this money, if they want to return to the country one day, will have a high amount in their hands. With this money, they can start their own business in Turkey or live comfortably without working for a long time.

Living Conditions in Poland

Regardless of the salary you will receive, the living conditions in the country you plan to settle in are also very important for you. The average monthly cost of a person in Poland is 500 Euros. But this figure is only valid if you live in the capital of the country. If you want to live in a city other than Warsaw, this cost will be reduced to 300 Euros. It will be very easy for you to live in this country where urban transportation is also extremely cheap. Living conditions in Poland will be easier for you than in Turkey.

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