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Working, Living and Salary in Uzbekistan

While the constant depreciation of the Turkish Lira (TL) against the dollar, unemployment and high inflation pushed Turkish citizens to a new search, working in Uzbekistan and the job opportunities offered by this country became attractive options. Uzbekistan, which is a more untouched country compared to Turkey, is in the position of a country that needs investments and employees to ensure that the business of investors is not interrupted because it is developing. Although the quality of life is open to discussion, the Central Asian country, where there is no problem such as the cost of living, is among the new favorites of those who want to go abroad to earn money.

While Uzbekistan became the focus of investors with the opportunities it offers, it also managed to find itself at the top of the list of countries to go to to earn money. In our article we prepared for those who have plans for this country, what can be done in Uzbekistan, sectors to invest in Uzbekistan, how much is earned in Uzbekistan, house rent and living conditions in Uzbekistan? You will find answers to your questions.

How to Get to Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan, one of the Turkish States, is located in the east of Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan, in the south of Kazakhstan, in the north of Turkmenistan, and in the west of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The capital of the country, whose population is approaching 35 million, is Tashkent. The currency is the Uzbekistani Som and their current leader is Shevket Mirziyoyev. It is possible to go to the country by planes that depart from Istanbul every day. Since there is no visa liberalization and the Tashkent administration has not implemented a gate visa, the visa must be obtained while within the borders of Turkey.

With Mirziyoyev’s takeover of the administration, the crises between the two countries in recent years have come to an end. This situation played an active role in increasing the number of Turkish citizens in the country, which they see as a new source of income, to approximately 6 thousand.

Working and Living Conditions in Uzbekistan?

Although the official language is Uzbek, more than 90 percent of people who predominantly speak Russian are Muslims. Uzbekistan, which is the first in cotton production and fourth in the world in gold production, also has natural gas reserves. The most developed cities of the country are the capital Tashken, Namangan, Fergana, Samarkand, Bukhara, Urgench, Andijan and Khiva.

Since the tax rates are low, the prices of imported products, especially technological products, are 40 to 60 percent cheaper than the prices in our country. House rents vary according to city, region and house criteria, and the average square meter price is 2 dollars. Meat and vegetable prices in the country, which is a producer, are almost half the prices when the current prices in our country are taken into account. Fuel prices are more expensive than their neighbors. The average price of 1 liter of cloth is 1 dollar and 10 cents. Since 1 TL = 1662 Uzbek Som, its money is worthless. For this reason, Uzbek citizens prefer to work on a dollar basis in other countries, especially in Turkey. The country has a severe continental climate, with harsh and cold winters and hot and dry summers.

Working in Uzbekistan

As we emphasized above, investment in the construction sector, which has been popular in developing Uzbekistan and Turkey until recently, is quite high. 85 percent of Turkish investors have gravitated towards this area. The energy sector comes second. You are more likely to find a job in a wide range of industries with high staffing needs.

If there is no change in your living and working plan in this country after you have evaluated all the conditions above, you can find your new job by following the advertisements of companies operating in both sectors and other sectors, or you can solve the business issue by contacting companies in the food and chemical products sectors as well as these sectors. Companies pay Turkish workers a minimum salary of $1000. This figure will increase according to your education and ability.

Jobs to be Established and Sectors to Invest in Uzbekistan

The Tashkent government provides state support to investors in many sectors. Although the most serious support is given to the energy sector, the textile sector is among the ones aimed to be developed. If you are planning a large investment, it would be wise to put your money into the energy sector, given the country’s natural gas reserves.

The last detail we will touch on in order to eliminate all the question marks in the minds of those who plan investment will be the subject of work permit, residence and work permit. The work permit will be issued from the Ministry of Labor of Uzbekistan before opening a workplace. Residence and work permit applications can be made after obtaining a 1-year license. In the first application, the duration of both permits will be 6 months.

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