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Working Abroad, How to Work Abroad?

How to Work Abroad? How to Get a Work Permit to Work Abroad? Get Started with Volunteering Projects

Volunteering Projects Based on my own experiences study abroad The first piece of advice I will give you is to participate in volunteer activities during your university years or when you are a recent graduate.How to Study Abroad As for the question

After graduating from high school, most young people in Europe are dying; some form of work abroad; how to get a permit, not to go to university, but a year or two; gives priority to seeing the world with volunteer activities by giving themselves time.

My advice to you is to volunteer in the summers during university, maybe not after high school. In this way, maybe 3 months, maybe 1 year abroad by acquiring experience abroad, abroad. How to Study Abroad If the answer to the question is and you have the opportunity to try what life will be like for you.

There are many voluntary work practices in tourist countries, usually for young people up to the age of 28. In these jobs, your accommodation and food and beverage expenses are covered in return for your volunteer work for three to four months.

Even though your volunteer work does not give you a monetary return, it is an important opportunity to describe both your life and the country you want to work in. you too study abroad Are you curious about the subject?

In addition, you can attract the attention of international companies and find a job during your time there.

If your age is over 28, don’t worry. How to get a work permit abroad without age limit There are also many volunteer work applications.

Volunteering Projects

If teaching, food industry (cooking, waitressing, etc.), agriculture; If you are working in fields such as labor, a volunteer work project directly related to your profession; You can also find it. This will also attract the attention of employers for the jobs you apply for in the future.

It has joint projects of the European Commission and the Ministry of Education that you need to do for volunteering activities. study abroad Take a look at the European Solidarity Corps or organizations such as AIESEC that delivers projects to you in exchange for a rate payment.

2) Improve Your Language
Foreign Language Learning

When it comes to working abroad, the first thing you should do is to learn English. English is a language that connects the world. And actually the simplest to learn. Because we are exposed to it all the time, everywhere.

If Your Hes Code Is Ready, Inquire Now
Express yourself in the language of the country you are going to;

. For this purpose, a knowledge of A2, B1 levels is required.

Foreign Language Learning

Therefore, have your language certificates ready while you are making your study plans abroad. The language certificates you receive will be useful both when applying for a job and when applying for a work permit.

3) Get Plenty of Certificates
CPA Finance Certificate

Although not for every profession, in most professions; When it comes to working abroad, professional certifications are very important to your business.

For example, if you are a person working in the financial market, finance such as CFP, CPA; and two accounting-related certificates that allow you to simply find a job in almost any tourist country. Again, advanced; Excel information capacity is the most important.


After that, it’s a requirement in most professions.

Obtain as many relevant, internationally valid certificates as possible.

Remember, most people like you work abroad; and the certificates and licenses you have can make you stand out from hundreds of thousands of people.

Language certificates are a must. abroad; someone who wants to work has a valid English language certificate as well as other languages ​​he knows; Having certificates is very important.

4) Learn How You Can Get Work Permit and Visa
Work Permit and Visa

It is certainly not legitimate to go and work in a tourist country from Turkey on a tourist visa. That’s why you definitely need a work permit to work abroad.

Some companies will not issue your work permit themselves in order to avoid paying taxes and will direct you to visa agencies. Others will say that you can work on a Tourist visa. However, if you do not want to be caught and deported, or if you want to be able to benefit from the worker’s rights in the tourist country you are going to, we recommend that you get your work permit and visa in the most correct way.

Do not be afraid that it can be very difficult to get a work permit. Yes, it may not be easy to get a work permit and visa from Turkey for every country, but if you follow the procedures correctly and agree with a reliable employer, the process will be solved simply.

Work Permit and Visa

At this point, we recommend that you interact with people who have worked with the employer you want to deal with and get information. Because the employer’s inability to complete the documents related to obtaining your work permit or sending incorrect documents can make the timer very difficult for you.

A work permit is not something that can be applied for individually. For this purpose, you must first be accepted for a job and then apply to the government offices indicated by the official documents your company introduces to you. The ‘migration assisting agencies’ that your company has set up for you are also extremely timely options in this regard.

The time to issue a work visa varies from country to country. If you belong to professions with a blue card, this time can be shortened.

After your work permit comes, you usually have to apply to the consulate of the country and get a National Visa for 1 year. Then, when you arrive in that country, you start your residence permit applications.

5) Be Open to Different Cultures
World Flags

If you have a goal of working abroad and living abroad, it is very important that you describe people from different cultures, food, music, in short, life. Therefore, before the tourist settles in a country for good, see a different country when possible.

Different cultures

Identify the cultures that are ideal for you. You will stay for a long time in a country where you go to work and it is very important for you to be successful in adapting to the life and structure of that place.

Different cultures

If you intend to live a solid life and obtain citizenship in the country you are going to work in, you also need to learn the culture and history of that country. For this reason, we recommend that you do not spend the long time you will spend to work abroad only by working.

Learn the culture, history and language of the country you live in. Thus, you may have a chance to obtain citizenship in the future.

6) Determine the Most Accurate Address for Your Profession
International Companies

If your aim is to continue your profession in Turkey abroad, determine the right country for you and apply accordingly.

If your workplace in Turkey has branches abroad, you may want to be assigned to those branches. Otherwise, you need to find the most ideal country for your profession.

The needs of each country are different. If someone who is an engineer in his own country wants to do engineering abroad, he must identify the countries that are looking for engineers in the field he works in. Therefore, if your aim is not only to live abroad, but to live by practicing your own profession, the preliminary examination you will carry out will simplify your work.

For example, if you are working in the food market in Turkey, Germany or the Middle East countries will be the right address for you. Because, as there are many Turkish restaurants here, the cuisines of Middle Eastern countries are not far from Turkish cuisine.

How do I work abroad?

If you are working in the construction market, the Turkic republics will be the right address for you. Most companies in Turkey are building in the Turkic republics, where workers and technicians from Turkey take charge.

If whatever your intention is to live and work abroad, then your job is a little simpler. It is enough to examine the job opportunities in the country where you want to live. Some jobs may require licensing or professionalisation. For example, it is possible to work as a fisherman in Norway, but if you do not have experience in the fishing profession, you cannot find a job in this field.

However, it is possible to find a job in fields such as waitressing, labor, barista, secretarial in almost every country. Generally, Australia and Canada are among the most attractive countries in this respect with their programs for migrant workers.

7) Build the Right Relationship Network
International Office Environment

There are many companies in the world that have grown in their own country and opened abroad. Many entrepreneurs who went abroad from Turkey also opened restaurants and cafes; established factories.

International Companies

Working abroad is also possible by finding a job in these companies. But for this, you need to interact with people who have established business in tourist countries through platforms such as Linkedin and Facebook and establish a contact network for yourself. That’s why we recommend using the possibilities of social media as much as possible.

On the other hand, the reference system for international companies in Europe is extremely time-consuming. Companies prefer to hire names that their employees wholeheartedly recommend. For this purpose, if you have friends working abroad, you can get advice from them and ask them to be a reference for you.

8) Prepare Early
Renting a house

If you are moving to live and work abroad, we recommend that you make your preparations months in advance.

Book your home early, otherwise you may spend every day taking care of the house while commuting to work. Also, you may have to pay significant sums to hotels for accommodation until you find a home. If you have not lived in the country you are going to before and you do not know that country very well, consulting a real estate agent while looking for a house can simplify your job. If you follow the immigrant groups on social media, it is possible to find yourself a home-friendly.

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