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Work permit in Russia – Job Opportunity in Russia?

If you want, we recommend you to read this article, which we have prepared as a special guide, to the end. We researched the advantages and disadvantages of working in Russia. Russian work permit; In this article, we will look at you from a slightly different perspective and try to give you the major findings about the work permit in Russia. Work permit in Russia Often work and career in this country; This is a paper that we think is extremely enlightening for people who want to move on in this country.

Job Opportunity in Russia?

. If you say you will work in Russia, then this is it; We recommend that you read the article to the end. To tell us from the beginning.

It should be stated from the beginning that every country immediately; It has advantages and disadvantages just like in our country. Life is not an adventure. That’s why; It is necessary to start a career abroad by making a very good plan from the beginning. Career in a country like Russia; There are difficulties and beauties in doing this, but when compared to most countries, Russia is both blue-collar and; It is one of the countries where it is difficult for white-collar workers to work. In this article, we are especially white-collar and engineer; We will try to give information to those who will go to this country.

What is required to work in Russia

Main Challenges and Advantages of Working in Russia

Language is one of the most fundamental problems that await men and women who are engineers who want to work in Russia. This in itself is a handicap. English is spoken, albeit partially, only in Moscow, the capital of Russia. There is a similar situation for the German language. If you are going to work in a place outside of Moscow, not knowing Russian will be a serious handicap for you. Since you cannot express yourself in sign language often, you may experience a state of intimidation after a while, regardless of your income or status. Definitely try to learn Russian before you go.

Russia, as it is known, is one of the most important countries of the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic, called the USSR for short. At this point, it is still possible to find traces of being ruled by a socialist system for years in this country. Therefore, especially those who live in big cities such as Ankara, Izmir and Istanbul and come to this country may get bored with what they see here after a while. This will be another handicap. It is necessary to know that there is not a country where entertainment is as much as our country, but that it is more disciplined.

It is another point that should be known that you have to build a life from scratch here because not many Turkish people live here. If you are an extremely sensitive person with strong family ties, then you may experience a difficult process in Russia.

Obtaining a work permit in Russia,

Well, if you say there is no good side, there is undoubtedly. Living and working in a former socialist country is an experience in itself. In addition, being in a country with very famous artists will always add a lot to you. Addresses such as the famous Moscow Metro and Kremlin Palace will also bring a different perspective to your professional approach to buildings, especially if you are an architect or civil engineer.

Things to Know When Working in Russia

After all these pluses and minuses, this can be said about the issues that should be taken care of by the engineers going to Russia: Definitely do not consider yourself a trademark even if you are. Be humble. Don’t take a top-down approach to people. Whether you know Russian or not, this situation will negatively affect your relationships. Russians are extremely sensitive in this regard.

Keep your communications candid, clear and honest. Remember that you should not contact people unless necessary. As stated above, do not forget that they do not look at life as we do because of the culture they came from, and we have had serious cultural changes. Do your job and go on with your life without getting too involved in the rest.

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