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Which is the Best Country to Live Abroad?

Everyone has dreamed of going abroad once in their life. Which is the Best Country to Live Abroad He has been in constant research. I will try to help you with our article as much as we can. I immigrated to Germany right now, you know, I will write a detailed article about it anyway, how I came, what paths I followed, etc., but first of all, I want to offer you options; As a result of my research, I found 5 countries for you to migrate abroad. How am I going to talk about these 5 countries? I’m telling you, if you really have a dream abroad, don’t forget to follow us and if you are wondering which country you want to go to, write it in the comments. Please specify in the comments and we will help you with our articles accordingly.

Let’s answer the question “Which is the best country to live abroad” with 5 best countries.

One of the countries most wanted to immigrate to in Turkey, Canada is indisputably one of the countries where everything looks good when viewed from here, especially with its educational conditions, prosperity and serenity; it is obvious that he is in a state of If Canada is your first choice to immigrate to

First of all, you need to have a good command of one of the French and English languages, not have any health problems, and have a command of a business area in which you can work in Canada. Well put your mind to it and you decided to emigrate, How can I immigrate abroad? if you say; If a member of your family is a Canadian citizen over the age of 18 or has a residence permit, this person can act as an intermediary for you to apply.

Going to Canada as an Immigrant

2 If you started working for a company in Canada, you are eligible to apply for a residence permit after 2 years of full-time employment in the country.

3 If to Canada; if you go as an international student and after graduation; If you want to live there, you start 1 point ahead of other immigrants, if you continue to work full-time in Canada after you finish your school, your job becomes easier.

Going to America as an Immigrant

American immigration, immigrating to America, which you would estimate compared to other countries; A much more difficult and longer process such as; you need to pass; settle in America; What we need is very much; Green Card, as many of you have heard before, but Green Card; so, according to your mind, let me apply; you can’t get it. Some criteria you have to meet or America’s; There are certain qualities we must provide for it to qualify you as a suitable person.

How can I get a Grencard?

We can list them as follows: a nuclear family is American; If you are a citizen, these people are required to apply to you in Green Car; can vouch for Of course this is for most of us; least likely if citizen; If you apply through your spouse of your first degree relative; we can also say that the process can be a bit faster; you have found a job in two Americas and it is in question; You have an x-year agreement with companies and you; your employer in America can vouch for you in the same way.

3 What America calls special business categories and America’s; The official immigration office has an up-to-date list of needs. If you fulfill the criteria for any of the jobs in this list, you can go through a process and apply for immigration. Be sure to read our article on this topic.

As individuals living in Turkey, the category of asylum seeker, which he considers to be included in this category, is in your country due to issues such as political views. cannot stay; There is a possibility that you can make an application from these categories. an American; You have the right to apply for a green car if you are also a citizen of the country.

Going to Australia as an Immigrant

Australia’s big 3 on immigration consideration; the last one to immigrate to australia First of all, it takes a little extra courage. Because of its distance; Even commuting is another matter. If you say what is the distance that we are trying to escape;:) I will not go without explaining the subject; Of course, many types of us providing permanent residence in Australia; Some of them are as follows.

Going Abroad as a Student

If you want to go as a student. For this, you need to apply for a student visa. With this visa, during the time we are a student in Australia; have the right to stay or live there for your spouse, if any; or for your children under the age of 18; If you wish to continue working or living in Australia, after you graduate. You can contact us through a special form provided by the Australian government for those who want to work after training.

in Australia as in the other countries we mentioned; If you start working in a company, you can apply for a work and residence permit through them. With this option, you are eligible as a sponsor to be an intermediary under the age of 50 to apply for a visa; in the criteria; and his application must be accepted 3 to work and reside independently of any firm; apply for permission; If you want, the shape determined for the employment needs of the country is qualified through Select program. apply as an immigrantyou can.

First of all, you must be under the age of 50 and have a good command of English. If you intend to go to Australia by investing in a certain business area; You are offered temporary and permanent visa options, but we can start with an informed start. On their official site, a budget of 1,500,000 Australian dollars and above is mentioned.

How to Obtain Citizenship Abroad?

Let’s talk about the last part of the job, in order to qualify for citizenship in Australia, you need to meet these criteria. Have lived in the country for at least 4 years with a valid Australian visa; you must have stayed in the country with a permanent residence permit for the last 12 months before the application, likewise; you need to show no criminal record and your intention to continue living in Australia or have a close relationship.

If you don’t have glasses for your relatives, you may consider Germany as a priority among the Turkish population there; I will share a much more detailed video about this, but for now, you need to follow a process like this. The first option you can apply is not sitting; The permit has a limited duration and must match before you can apply for this residence permit. So what are we talking about.

Studying in Germany In Germany; to Germany in connection with work; If you are going for immigration reasons, you can apply for a residence permit. Two options are close; implemented at times; blue card application application actually qualified workers; A system created to attract to Germany ; One of the most important criteria for applying for a blue card is the level of education; graduate or higher; at the same time as an additional prerequisite 33 months such regular insurance; if you pay premiums and if at B1 level; Do not sit if you know Proof that we have German; ask permission z21 months; you can take, as I said; A much more detailed video will come for you, but to share for today; if this is what i want please write me in the comments section

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