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What to do to live in Europe?

Living in Europe is a childhood dream for many of us. There are many advantages of living in Europe, both in terms of socio-cultural and working conditions and educational opportunities. Unfortunately, the gap between Turkey and European countries is gradually widening. This situation causes the concept of brain drain to occur more intensely. Especially many qualified people who have completed their university education in Turkey, turn their eyes to European countries to pursue careers in more favorable conditions. The same can be true for the educational processes themselves.

Traveling to Europe as a tourist became a little more difficult after the Euro’s appreciation against TL; but we can say that this situation has whetted the appetite of those who want to work outside. Living in Europe, working and saving foreign currency has recently become a very attractive option for everyone. Unfortunately, migration policies in Europe have begun to change somewhat compared to the past. It is difficult to talk about intense migration waves anymore. Countries are a little more selective in this regard than in the past. For this reason, qualified individuals may generally have a slightly higher chance.

Get Motivational

Although many countries come to mind when it comes to living in Europe, countries such as Germany, Belgium, France, England, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands and Belgium are among the countries that Turks show the most interest in. Apart from that, Russia due to its proximity to our country, and Ukraine and Serbia, since the visa exemption has been lifted in recent years, are among the attractive countries in terms of investment. Here it can be said that each country has more specific motivations. While England draws attention as a country that is mostly preferred for educational purposes, Russia is evaluated in terms of investment.

There are so many reasons why people should now pursue their careers in Europe, with their families in these modern and relatively peaceful countries. Most people cannot go to Europe because they cannot create this opportunity; but the dreams of Europe always remain in the minds. European countries promise a more modern, economically comfortable, and more respectful life for everyone. The important thing is to overcome bureaucratic obstacles and make the right applications at the right time.

In this article, we will try to convey the privileged aspects of living in Europe, how to get a Schengen visa or direct citizenship, education and work conditions in Europe.

Education in Europe

Young people, not only in our country, but also from many parts of the world, are evaluating modern university options in Europe for their education life. It is not correct to think of this only in the context of school. While making such plans, criteria such as city life, economy and job opportunities are also considered. Today, unfortunately, we can only include 2-3 universities in a list such as the best 500 universities in the world. For this reason, young students think that education is the most important bridge to open up to Europe.

There are European countries that always open doors to qualified students. On the other hand, there is a great interest in countries such as England, Slovakia and Hungary, which stand out with their student exchange programs. These schools find an important place in the career planning of students. Students whose diplomas write that they graduated from these schools increase their chances of catching a good position both in those countries and in Turkey. People who generally prefer Europe for their university education make plans to settle here after graduation. Cities such as Prague, Barcelona, ​​London, Bratislava, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Munich, Zagreb, Lisbon, Athens, Budapest always stand out in terms of education.

Making a Career in Europe

Living in Europe is almost everyone’s dream, but this is not an easy process as it seems. Of course, most of us wish for ourselves and our family to be involved in a prosperous life. Some people may find these conditions in a country like Turkey; but this is unfortunately not the case for the vast majority. At least, numerical data and figures do not say so at all. Those who have the chance to settle in Europe are really lucky in this sense. To survive in Europe, you must first have a reasonable and acceptable purpose. If you want to go to Europe just to have fun, so to speak, to throw the lid off, remember that you will return empty-handed from the gates.

Go Around a Purpose

It has to be a business project, an education project that will make your trip to Europe meaningful. This purpose can make you more accepted. In addition, your references here are also important when traveling from Turkey. Some countries are more open to certain lines of business. They may need your expertise to fill the gap on these issues. Recently, we see that European-based job postings have increased on İŞKUR.

After you go to Europe to work temporarily, you need to see if you can live here and then realize this goal. We see that people living in Europe can lead a relatively peaceful, happier and calmer life. In countries that are democratic and respect human rights, the average lifespan is much longer. This special experience will probably add a lot to you both to learn a new language and to be a part of different cultures.

What is a Schengen Visa?

Schengen visa is a very special type of visa signed by 26 countries in Europe. Citizens belonging to this country can enter and exit the countries included in the signature as much as they wish. They can travel just as they would from one city to another. Indeed, this offers a great privilege. Countries other than these countries can also apply for a Schengen visa, provided that it is valid for a short time. The aim here is to increase the trade volume between countries and to revive touristic activities.

It is Important to Get Consulting Service

It is not a very correct and wise move to apply individually in the process of going to Europe. This is generally accepted as one of the reasons why your application is negative. If you receive consultancy service, you will have the chance to work with professionals who will carry out the process on your behalf.

In this regard, for example, some well-known consultancy companies organize the documents regarding the Schengen visa and carry out various studies in order to obtain the visa. Because in such processes, it can be difficult to predict what will bring you advantages and disadvantages. Even minor material errors may result in a negative result of your application; however, the consultancy service will prevent all these mistakes.

What Method Can Be Followed?

As we explained above, people who have qualifications in certain professions have a high chance of transitioning to Europe. On the other hand, you can start your career by doing an internship in any company thanks to graduate applications. On the other hand, you can get an official company invitation by engaging your contacts and acquaintances here. All this will help you to hold on in Europe, at least at the initial stage.

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