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For students considering applying to a university, choosing a course of study is not easy. When making this decision that will shape your future, should you pay attention to whether it suits your area of ​​interest, or should you consider criteria such as increasing population and unemployment today? While most Students fear the future when making a choice, they prefer to study abroad to minimize this. working abroad You need to be educated and have a job.

One of the most important reasons for this is to find a job and stay in the country you go to after graduation. In recent years, developments in technology have been the choice of students interested in these subjects, while subjects such as Medicine, Law and Engineering continue to be popular.

What are the job opportunities abroad?

What about foreign students? job opportunitiesDo you wonder which professions they prefer most to increase their income? See our Article for more information.


While psychology investigates human behavior and the root causes of this behavior, the number of students who want to study in this field is quite high today. You have the opportunity to specialize in many different branches abroad, especially in the USA and Canada, but also in European countries such as Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland, with the Psychology department with a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.

While the number of students has increased significantly in recent years, especially in the field of clinical Psychology, career opportunities are very high, from the Faculty of Law to the media, from industry to sports, and high earning opportunities offers.

Average Annual Income: $75,230

Industrial Engineering

Students wishing to work in Industrial Engineering must have at least a bachelor’s degree. Students interested in Mathematics, Trigonometry, Chemistry, and physics in general receive high-quality education to boost creativity, efficiency, and productivity at top schools in the world, particularly in the United States, such as the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, and Stanford University.

Industrial Engineering offers graduates with talent and skills a multitude of job opportunities to achieve maximum productivity in almost every field, from healthcare to economics.

Average Annual Income: $84,310

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical technology, one of the most popular professions today, is an opportunity-rich division that brings medicine and technology together. During your study abroad you will have an exciting career in biomedical Engineering, where you will specialize in solving problems related to Biology and Medicine, equipment and software design and development.

A promising chapter awaits you on many topics such as pacemakers, artificial organs, dialysis devices, X-rays and ultrasound devices, and the design of artificial intelligence systems.

Average Annual Income: $85,620


One of the fields of study with the highest job opportunities abroad, mathematics offers unique opportunities to apply for a world-class academic career by studying at universities such as Harvard or Oxford.

Also Mathematicians; They have the opportunity to work in many different fields such as astronomy, climate science, robotics, animation, pharmaceutical industry.

While you usually need to complete your Bachelor’s degree to apply for a job, it is recommended that you complete a Masters or Postgraduate study if you want to increase your potential Salary

Average Annual Income: $105,810

Computer Science

Students who are considering studying abroad have increased the demand for technology in recent years. The demand for Computer Science graduates is increasing in the digital age. from European countries There are graduates coming.

Also, if you are interested in topics such as artificial intelligence, numerical analysis, Computer Systems and networks, Database Systems; IT consultants in the world’s most famous companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook. As Information System administrators, multimedia programmers, database administrators, you can:

Average annual income: Starting at $110,000, software architect earns $116,000, systems Engineer $83,000.


Today, the pharmacy is one of the most popular sections for job postings worldwide. It is Pharmacy that offers education opportunities abroad, from drug production to delivery to the patient. It often offers its graduates the opportunity to specialize in Sub-fields such as Pharmacology. Various other than pharmacy job opportunities there is also.

Pharmaceutical technology that deals with the effects of drugs on the body and the manufacturing techniques of drugs. There is also research and development. It offers international career opportunities in hospitals, laboratories or pharmacies in the fields of production and marketing. Pharmacist to work as you can ask.

Average Annual Income: $122,230


The Faculty of Health and Medicine, which has existed since ancient times, offers many job opportunities for students in hospitals. There are working areas in public health centers and laboratories. It offers the opportunity to work as health managers and consultants in Scientific Institutes and many international companies.

In short, whatever you do abroad, time will be your business. The language must be English and you definitely need to speak second and third languages. In this way, you can go from country to country to visit or work. You can learn different arts or crafts in different cultures.

No one can arrest you after you get your work permit. Even if you can’t speak like your mother tongue, you should at least have a command of the English language. When you find a job abroad, plane tickets should also be considered. Flights from Turkey to other countries are not cheap anymore.

There are many countries that offer opportunities for those who want to work abroad, friends.

Working in every country is not the same. How are you looking for a job? It is also important that you choose the country according to that job. Keep in mind that there may be changes according to the foreign language and country.

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