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Economic situation and living conditions people in our country opportunity to work abroad pushes the ads of the companies that give it. If an insured employee receives the same salary this year as he received last year, it means that his salary has lost 40 percent of its value compared to last year. Due to this loss of value, he could not keep up with his own needs, and if he had a family, the living standards of his children also fell. Apart from these financial factors, the worsening educational conditions and the uneasy environment push people to live abroad. A person who decides to go abroad suddenly has a lot of options.

Apart from settling in Europe and America and finding a job, there are many opportunities for people. One of these opportunities is to work in eastern countries or Turkic Republics. Although there is not much difference in terms of living conditions, the salary received abroad is always higher than in Turkey. Your salary is enough to go abroad. However, to work abroad, you need to have certain qualifications and you need to know the conditions you will encounter. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the opportunity to work abroad.

What are the Working Conditions Abroad?

Working conditions in European countries are easier than in our country. Working hours in European countries are less than in Turkey. People who have the opportunity to work abroad can devote more time to their social life and family. Since things are progressing more regularly, no one stays overtime easily. Employee premiums are higher. Therefore, those who work abroad can earn much more than they earn in Turkey, with less fatigue.

Employees working in Turkic Republics and Eastern countries can receive higher salaries. However, most of the workers in these countries complain about their living conditions. The bigger their complaints, the higher their salary. Employees in these countries are uncomfortable with the social life of the country they work in, not the business environment. Those who work in underdeveloped countries are looking for opportunities to escape from the country they live in without having any social life.

Apart from the salary you will receive when choosing a country to work abroad, you also need to learn the scope of working hours in that country. Before you go abroad to work, you must go to the country you are going to work and observe the social life there.

What Features Should You Have?

  • It is important that you have experience in business life. To work abroad, you need to have work experience in the profession you are applying for.
  • You must have a clean record, which is the most important requirement when traveling abroad. The employer who will hire you will also make sure you have a clean record.
  • If the country you will work in requires a visa, you should start the visa process as soon as possible.
  • You need to have proven yourself in the job you will do, a CV that will allow you to stand out easily from other job applications will be very useful for you.
  • You must know the language of the country you are visiting. If you don’t have a good command of that language, your chances of being hired disappear. If you do not know that language, it would be helpful to know English as well as your mother tongue.
  • You must have a work permit from the workplace you want to work in the country you are going to. If you do not get this permit, you will become a fugitive in the country you are going to.
  • Knowing the living conditions of the destination country will make your job easier. If you know the social life, the culture of the people and the food culture in the country you are going to, your life will be extremely easy.

How to Find a Job Abroad?

Your first way to find a job abroad is to apply to İşkur. İşkur not only provides job opportunities to its citizens at home, but also provides job opportunities to those who want to work abroad. İşkur facilitates people’s lives by providing business process follow-up of citizens going abroad.

If you have a relative or acquaintance working abroad, you can easily find a job thanks to them. If you go abroad with a reference, you will find a job as soon as you leave and you will not have any problems. You can apply directly to the companies you want to work abroad. You can easily find a job if you send your CV to companies with a letter explaining why you want to work in that workplace.

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