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Get to know the culture with Going Abroad Programs; is a new homeschooling program focused on teaching through the art of storytelling. This unique program; national agency stories to young children in different countries using their visual senses; It aims to teach them how to tell.

In fact, young minds as your volunteer work; to take them to the outside world and to them that they would typically never see or experience firsthand; what it’s like to be a different person by introducing them to various cultures and traditions; aims to show that

You can also experience with a language school, One such homeschooling program for this purpose can only be done with the help of a parent teaching and studying Urdu speaking language for this purpose as most of the curriculum and activities are designed and taught in this language.

The program emphasizes learning through the visual senses that young people between the ages of 18-30 do not emphasize in most traditional homeschooling curricula for this purpose.

Yurt Dna Gitme Since the programs are based on Urdu poetry; Meet with Go Abroad Programs so that parents can fully understand this type of curriculum; For this purpose it is imperative that they learn to read Urdu. By speaking this language fluently, parents can not only provide their children with a rich cultural background, but also give them a deeper understanding of all kinds of people and their cultures.

This is an exchange program of learning,For this purpose the traditions of the Ancestors; Children who grow up by hearing what they tell through stories can now look to the past with joy; and they have a window where they can wonder how things have changed.

Parents, storytellers using Yurt Dna Go; they will be able to bring them inside the walls of their homes and connect with them on a much more personal level. Storytelling; Through the power of Urdu poetry and the understanding of the backgrounds and lives of various cultures, children are given the chance to learn more about themselves and the world in general.

from European country, Go with the creative storyteller, his audience; they not only capture their experiences during their stories, but also tell them about their own country’s cultural; It can also open a window to diversity. This multicultural curriculum is designed to help students build their homes by using their imaginations; allows them to create a world that does not exist within its walls.

Families connect with their heritage using Yurt Dna Go; and provide a gateway to the multicultural world around them. This innovative program helps children learn more about the world while enjoying a fun curriculum of a storybook; It’s a great example of how you can help him get it!

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