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Living in the UK Life Sou

Today I’m going to talk about the pros and cons of living in the UK. Let’s start our article from the social structure of England in general. if Living in the UK Life is Sour If you want to settle down, I would like to share some of the things I wish I had known earlier.

If you want to come to England from Turkey, I would like to give you enlightening information for reference. One of the best advantages of England is that the economy is good. Those who come from Turkey understand the value of this well.

As we know, product prices in Turkey go up after a hike and there are fluctuations in prices, but the price of a product in England does not change for at least 5 years. As it is the case in the UK, it attracts the attention of foreign investors. The comfort of it is very nice. You can calculate the products you will buy with your salary or your expenses.

Property prices in London are incredibly expensive after the USA; 2nd in the property market in rental and house prices in the UK it is really hard.

Life Sour in England

Living in the UK Living in Sour House rents are expensive. House rents and taxes; tenants pay this tax; It is roughly between 50 and 100 pounds. You know, if you are asking the question of how much is 1 British pound 10 TL or 1 British pound, 1 British pound is 10 TL.

Don’t be surprised at the fact that people in England stay by renting a room rather than renting a house, it’s very normal here. Even 40-year-old people can still stay in rooms here.

If you want to rent a house here, if you go to a real estate agent, you will be asked for a definite 1-year salary statement, your business agreement is requested and examined, then the house will be given to you; They decide whether to rent or not. However, if you have just arrived in England; you don’t have it in your bank account, really; It is very difficult to open a bank account in the UK. If you do not have a bank account, you need to find a guarantor. will ask you to give, if you cannot do this; Absolutely no one will rent you a house.

What is the Minimum Wage in the UK?

The best thing about England is to live in society more freely, it is good to live and behave in this way, there is a lot of individualism and the individual’s opinions are rights; is important. community rights in Turkey; Although it works as a completely here; There is individualism.

What are Social Benefits in the UK?

One of the best aspects is social; benefits, of course you have to be a residence permit and citizen in order to receive these rights and social benefits in the UK,

School Life in England Studying in England?

All of the universities here are paid, unfortunately, primary school is free of high school degrees, except for some scholarships for its citizens, it is seriously expensive to study here. That’s the only downside. England has a feature that seems like an advantage from time to time, which is that it is extremely prescriptive.

Unfortunately, everything is followed here, it obeys all the rules. Of course, there are those who do not fit, of course, there are rotten apples, like everywhere else. However, when we look at the English in general and especially when we look at it with its rules, this is a country with many rules.

England and Healthcare

In the UK, tuition is paid, but health services are completely free. There are places in the Health Center system in Turkey, you go there. Of course, not too many big tests are done. You don’t go to the hospital, you go to the health center where you know them. You give the contract for your house there again, you say that you are staying here, you say that you belong to this neighborhood, this region.

They measure your weight and height, they do a urine test again, and they record you what they get. You go there when something hurts, you make an appointment, unfortunately, they make appointments incredibly late.

If you are going for simple things, especially if it is not a very urgent situation, but you still need to go. After all, you go because your health can grow after something you see as simple. For example, they can give you an appointment even a month later. Unfortunately, if it’s very urgent, you knock on the doors of the hospitals, you go to the ED, they put you in there right away, but when you go for simple things, you find an appointment in a health center in Turkey, for example, within that week, or you find the patient the next day, but here they give it a month later.

It works a little slow Do you work in the UK or do you have insurance? These things don’t look at any of them. In fact, you go there and you register. You have a card, a card that allows you to stay here, you show that card when entering and leaving that country, you can think of it as an identity card instead of showing a passport.

You can think of it like cards in America. You show it like a Green Card, it takes your registration there. This is a very beautiful thing. The difference from America is that this is something in America, I say, you called an ambulance, you have to take a thousand dollars out of your mind, even just because you called an ambulance.

Like Turkey, everything is free, but a little slow compared to Turkey, but free. Here, for example, you work at a workplace somewhere. As you know, unlike Turkey, there is no annual leave in any way.

Obtaining Professions and Equivalency in the UK, Being a Doctor, Teacher Diploma Validity

For example, you will come from Turkey; you say i I am a doctor in Turkey, I am a lawyer in Turkey and I want to come to England. This is how I found visas and I want to work in the UK You say, unfortunately, you cannot work here. Because Turkey does not appear to be a member of the European Union, even if you do a high-level job in Turkey in England, even if you have a job or diploma with a very good status, Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa can be anything, no matter what university you have, unfortunately your diploma in many branches. it doesn’t go here.

Example Istanbul University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine diploma unfortunately does not apply here, we need to get equivalence. There are already too many procedures for getting an equivalence. If you are a doctor in Turkey, your diploma will not pass here. Likewise, lawyers cannot do these jobs with their own diplomas, even though such professions have a high status. Does it mean that Turkey’s education is bad or not, I think our education is very, very good, but it is purely because of political and political agreements.

If there was a European Union country in Turkey, our diploma would be passed here very easily. Poles can work here, Turks unfortunately cannot work in this way, but the diplomas of those who work in IT security, computer software and engineers are passed here. There was an event in England that we found very, very different. reference means everything promise means everything Really this is amazing something different amazing And something to be proud of

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