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Living and Making Money in Dubai

There are almost unlimited options available to people in terms of job opportunities. In this article, we specifically Living and making money in Dubai stuck in your head about; We will try to answer the questions.

First of all, whether it is Dubai or another part of the world; There are many different reasons why people from Turkey want to work abroad, not in our country. At the beginning of these, the factor of gaining much better earnings compared to our country gains weight. You can have a career abroad , do you want to have such an experience ? ; It also becomes attractive for those who want to go abroad. As a matter of fact, in recent years; becoming popular. Regardless of their profession, Dubai is one of the countries where most people want to work.

Basic Information About Dubai

After this basic information given above; a little too Living and making money in Dubai If you need to give information about it, let us give you the following information; It is very popular when it comes to Dubai; Burj Al Arab, a venue; Although it comes to mind first, although people are very curious about this hotel; The scope is not limited to this and it is obvious that you will not go to this country just to see this hotel.

I Want to Work in Dubai

Dubai is one of seven unions within the United Arab Emirates. We can also be expressed as a city that dazzles with its richness and modernity, which is clearly ahead of other unions. It can also be said that it is the peak of splendor. A large number in Dubai, which has also appeared in many films; There are foreign people. Therefore, it is not possible for people to feel like foreigners here. There are many people like you.

In addition, there are many activities to evaluate your spare time. There are many entertainments such as golf, safari, and indoor skiing, although it may seem hard to believe. This ensures that all areas of your life are filled to the fullest. Seen in this context Living and making money in Dubai it becomes very entertaining.

Job Opportunities in Dubai

Living and making money in Dubai monetization of the business at the point; When it comes to the part, the most important advantage of being here is that those who work in any workplace are exempt from tax and all their earnings are in their hands without interruption. This is how the laws are designed for those who work in this country.

For those who are going to start their own business, there is another advantage. He is also from the country in 15 free zones open to the Dubai government and 7 new free zones they aim to establish; It allows them to open a business without partnering with a company or person and exempting them from corporate tax, which is an extremely advantageous situation.

It is necessary to address the question of which fields can be found with high earnings, the information sector, the financial sector, the media sector and of course the tourism sector. However, you need to have both experience and training in these areas. Then you can get very good profits.

In any case, if you are going to do your own business but work in a company in this country, you need to get both a residence visa and a work permit.

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