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Job Opportunity for Those Who Want to Work in Bulgaria

working in Bulgaria You can have information about the subject by examining the detailed research I have prepared for those who want to. Nowadays, people want to be a world person and they go to improve themselves in this field. Borders are gone now. In this context, many people prefer to work abroad for many different reasons. One of the countries where this study was preferred is Bulgaria, which was formerly called the Eastern Bloc and ruled by a socialist regime. It should be noted that as of now, there is only a very low unemployment rate of around ten percent. But there are still plenty of job opportunities available, especially for skilled people.

Working in Bulgaria Starting a business

Although a socialist form of government now has serious repercussions at the country level. working in Bulgaria One of the most important reasons for this is the settled order that has been established for years. Bulgaria is a country where life is literally easy and where all kinds of rules are determined beforehand, living within certain principles. There is no traffic jam because many people use public transportation regardless of their status. Random honking is prohibited. There are many parks and gardens where people can spend their free time. This is another good part of the job. People live humanely in this country. Moreover, it is a country that is extremely tall when compared to other European countries, which is even working in Bulgaria among the most important factors for

The fact that Bulgaria is a neighboring country, that we have a historical connection from past to present, that there is a significant percentage of Turks living there, and that those who go to this country for business will not feel like foreigners, are among the main reasons why this country is preferred. The fact that the food culture is close to us is an advantage in itself.

What to do to work in Bulgaria?

Whether alone or with family working in Bulgaria If he wants to live, he must first obtain the so-called D visa in order to work. After obtaining this visa, it is possible to work comfortably.

In order to work in Bulgaria, it is possible to work in Bulgarian companies by doing research on the internet. However, since very important companies from our country do business in various cities of Bulgaria, it is possible to go to Bulgaria by applying to these companies.

What is the Salary Level in Bulgaria?

working in Bulgaria For those who want to talk about salaries, the following can be said. First of all, as in our country, there are salary differences between blue-collar and white-collar personnel. The salaries of blue-collar workers working as labor-oriented people are as follows at the level of lev, the currency of Bulgaria: If the person is a construction worker, the average salary is between 800 and 1000 lev. For those working in the tourism sector, this figure is slightly lower and is around 600 leva.

In the sectors other than this, this figure fluctuates between 1000 1200 leva. However, the salary of an experienced and expert white-collar employee starts from 2500 lev. Salaries are quite high, especially for software and graphic designers.

If it is necessary to interpret these prices in terms of today’s exchange rate on the scale of our country, it can be said that the money received by a person who receives a wage between 1000 and 1200 lev in our country is 3000 Turkish Liras, over the current average exchange rate. As it can be understood from here, the numbers are not very high. However, since housing, electricity, water and transportation are very cheap throughout the country, people can live comfortably with these salaries.

What Are The Jobs That Can Be Done In Bulgaria?

First of all, one of the jobs that can be done in Bulgaria is to babysit the children of Turkish families. Because families living in Bulgaria for years are looking for a Turkish babysitter to take care of their children. Because both men and women work in Turkish families living here. In addition, as stated above, companies of our country work in different fields there. He can work in our companies, especially in the construction and tourism sector.

In addition to all these, if you have expertise and experience in one of the fields such as engineering, medicine, graphic design, then you can find a job with very good opportunities in Turkish or Bulgarian companies. But if you want to do your own business, opening a business on traditional Turkish cuisine and Turkish food will always be a profitable investment.

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