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How Much Are Workers’ Salaries in Qatar? Job Opportunities in Qatar

Qatar, one of the first countries that comes to mind when it comes to working abroad, has shown a rapid development in recent years and has accelerated the recruitment of foreign workers. Qatar worker salaries It is seen that many Turkish citizens prefer Qatar for their overseas business preferences because it is paid in dollars. But is Qatar really a great opportunity for people who want to work abroad? Is living in Qatar as easy as it seems? And do the wages of employees in Qatar meet their expectations? All these questions are very confusing for those who want to work in Qatar.

Let’s just say that it is a fact that more income is earned by working abroad than in Turkey. However, the economic conditions of the destination country and the social rights provided by the contracted company are among the factors that directly affect your monthly income. Let’s examine some important points that people who prefer Qatar should know about foreign business opportunities in order to have better economic conditions and earn better money. Qatar worker salaries Let’s find out what are the job opportunities in Qatar.

What are the Job Opportunities in Qatar?

Qatar, a country 70 times smaller than Turkey and a population of approximately 2.5 million, is one of the smallest but fastest growing countries in the Middle East geography. It offers very attractive opportunities to foreigners who want to work in Qatar, especially with the Overseas Recruitment to host the 2020 world cup. So what are these job opportunities? In which jobs can one earn a high income in Qatar? Now let’s take a look at these details…

Qatar, where the local people mostly work in desk jobs and foreign nationals find more job opportunities in the service sector and construction sector, is one of the countries where paid salaries are suitable for living. Due to the fact that the 2020 world cup will be held in the country, the high wages of the workers working in the construction sector in the country, which has turned into a giant construction site, draw attention. For this reason, you can easily find a job and have high monthly earnings in the food, health, tourism and service sectors, especially in the construction sector.

How Much Are Workers’ Salaries in Qatar?

The main reason for the interest of Turkish and foreign workers in Qatar is the country’s advanced level of prosperity and rich economic options. It is also known that the salaries and hourly wages of the employees, especially in certain sectors, are quite good. How much can workers earn in Qatar?

Certain aspects are taken into account in determining the salaries of workers paid in Qatar. These; are criteria such as the sector, position, company and nationality of the worker. For this reason, the working conditions and positions of Indian, Filipino and Bangladeshi workers may upset you. Since the citizens of this country are generally considered as unskilled workers, they work with monthly wages of approximately 200-300 dollars. The minimum wage set by the Qatari government is around $200.

However, we can say that Turkish workers are in a more advantageous position compared to the citizens of these countries. This is because no unskilled Turkish worker prefers to work in Qatar. Turkish workers are mostly technical staff or from professions such as foreman, welder, and site manager. The highest salary payments in the country are made to foreigners from America and European countries. An American’s monthly salary ranges from $10,000 to $15,000. If we come to the situation of Turkish workers working in Qatar, they may have a monthly income that is 3 times or in some cases 5 times more than they will earn in Turkey, depending on the sector and the company.

How Much Money Can You Live in Qatar?

If you are planning to work in Qatar, you should start researching all the details about the country. Foreign nationals can lead a comfortable life in the country where the crime rate is almost non-existent and the social life is highly developed. However, we would like to point out that Qatar is a somewhat expensive country in terms of living expenses.

For this reason, it is important that the company you will work with fully meets your accommodation, transportation, flight tickets and other social rights. When you deduct all your monthly expenses, you can make a living in Qatar if you have at least $1000. However, this figure does not include entertainment expenses. Considering the high salaries of Turkish workers, we believe that living and living in the country will not force you

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