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How Much Are Overseas Education Consultancy Fees?

I will give you some tips on this subject about Overseas Education Consultancy Fees. What is your Master? If you have questions such as what is the doctorate, what is the difference between them; If you’re wondering about the financial aspect of the job, fasten your belts, we’ll start

Let’s talk about the material facts for the education life abroad first. The most important part of master and doctorate is the Scholarships. Let’s write this first.

Assuming you want to study abroad; You will not go to a free school. An average university’s annual tuition is around $20,000 to $30,000.

Since you are a foreign student in the United States, you cannot take advantage of the discounts that states give to their own citizens.

Especially if you are going to go to a top private university; You may need to pay between 50 thousand lira and 70 thousand dollars annually. As you can see, postgraduate study abroad is not a cheap job.

For this reason, the sooner you start reviewing Scholarships, the better. There are many great scholarships in Turkey with the partnership of the European Union and the USA.

Probably the most famous one is the fulbright scholarship, which I won’t go into details here. You can get detailed and up-to-date information from the websites. However, it is useful to know a critical information in these styles. If you are going to the United States with this scholarship and you will apply for a student visa; After the completion of the education in our country; In other words, in this case, there is an obligation to return to Turkey and stay in Turkey for at least 2 years.

Those who go to America cannot obtain a residence permit, namely a Green Card, due to the law. They cannot change their visiting status. They cannot apply for methods such as work permits in the United States for family reasons. Therefore, if you go to the USA with this method, you will have to return

Regarding Overseas Education Counseling Fees, they cannot apply for methods such as work permit in the United States for family reasons. This is why you will have to return if you go to the USA. There is no obligation to return to us, it is possible to obtain a residence permit or citizenship by changing status and various methods.

There are such details. Maybe I can write them on our site in the future, you can follow us and download our mobile application to have information. If you have not installed our application, you will not miss them if you open the install notifications. There is a strict and asked criterion in Special Scholarships Your undergraduate graduation average

To give an example, a friend of mine who was found with an average of exactly 2.99 applied for Bursa. He was rejected outright because he wanted at least a 3.0 average. So your grade point average has a really big impact on this. The most important issue regarding scholarships is timing. You can go abroad to work

Study abroad Scholarships are generally required to be applied for at least 1 year before your undergraduate graduation. In other words, you will complete your education in 4 years, you need to start making these applications at the end of the class. If you will finish in 5 years; You have to start at the end of 4 years.

Because you will be ahead with a scholarship so that one of your graduate studies can be free. If the scholarship application deadlines are missed, for example, if you graduate in 4 years. You apply in 4 years instead of 3 years, in most cases you will have to pay for 2 years yourself.

If there is a scholarship after that, you can study your next Senels with a scholarship. Therefore, pay close attention to the scholarship application deadlines. Since specific scholarships can be very complex, I will not go into details of all of them here. But what you need to do is to look at the scholarships with the name of the country you want to go to and examine the suitable options.

Now let’s come to those who cannot get a scholarship abroad

Scholarships can be made with a high-quality grade point average and a financial support method that requires high achievement. However, this is not the only method in Bursa. The easiest way to pursue graduate education in Turkey and abroad is to keep your grades as high as possible and to provide a fee waiver during the application of the school you want to go to. In other words, requesting free education abroad. In the applications of each school, you will be asked test questions about your financial situation, you can accept from the tests.

You can state that we do not have any external resources, not letters, but only 2-3 sentences. Therefore, if you are not given a scholarship, you can state that you cannot afford it. Schools have financial income from numerous sources and they can use them for graduate and doctoral students within the framework of their own preference criteria.

You also notify the school that you want to benefit from this. Let me remind you that the amount of fee you waived I will send the school to you. It changes according to the English term of the job offer letter, and I will talk about this a little bit in the following sections.

Overseas Education Consultancy Fees

It can be expressed with values ​​such as 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%. Sometimes it writes direct monetary equivalents. You need to compare these with the tuition amounts on the websites of the schools and see how much discount they give you.

Because you can still have monthly or semester scholarship payments. Even if a 100% discount or waiver is given, your small payments, for example; access to the school gym; You will have payments to access some consultancy services.

How to reduce the cost of studying abroad

Since these are too detailed, I will not write them here. But I say these things so you can be prepared. But waiving fees is not your only financial resource for graduate education. It is not usually, but the doctor is called financial income or salary, that is, Spider in English.

Remember, being a student is not the only thing you can do. At the same time, you are entering your academic life. You will teach and or do research.

This is not a free job. The school will have to pay you fees, so as a student and teacher you pay the school. Or you get rid of it partially or completely by waiving it.

If the school in Turkey is high school or If you are studying in a country other than a foundation university, get health insurance. If you want to get education, you have to go to a language school first. Foreign languages ​​are difficult, and you will have expenses for language education abroad, for example, plane tickets, university education is not like in Turkey.

If you, as a parent, want your children to study abroad, read our article.

Unknown Aspects of Study Abroad

You get paid as a teacher. It is possible to reduce the portion you pay with Scholarships and waivers. If you are doing a PhD, you can start earning a financial income on top of that. It covers your expenses like rent, electricity, water transportation.

At this point, the importance of city, country and school selection comes into play. Because the costs vary a lot from city to city.

Of course, you should consider the lifestyle of these cities, for example, nightlife transportation or political situation. A PhD is also an option for you. First, you can become a Teaching Assistant. The second is the research assistant, namely the Research Assistant.

For your free consultation undergraduate education before going abroad if you are going to study

Part-time teaching, that is, part-time or their abbreviated names. The name given to the level, especially the last one, is different in different universities. This is not recommended in schools. But they usually all charge the same price.

Those who go abroad for a doctorate do not just go to study. While there , they have a chance to earn money while studying and paying scholarships . Well, how can this be, of course, by applying for a doctorate at the school he is studying, he can take courses related to his department and reduce his expenses by taking a certain fee from the school.

It only helps the teachers in the lessons. They deal with exams and stuff like that. Therefore, getting a doctorate and studying at the same time is a very difficult task. However, departments in schools need them for their own work.

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