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Advice for those who want to go abroad

You have your own business and you can expand your business go abroad If you want to do business in your field as an entrepreneur abroad, prove yourself worldwide and create your own brand, it is useful to read this article. Because, especially for people who want to expand their business abroad, tricky information that has not come to mind is also included.

Of course, the scope may not be limited to these, but it is useful to do these at the first stage. Beyond all this, entering these jobs at the right time in the right country in the field you specialize in is the most essential thing to be considered from the beginning.

Learn the Language of the Country You’re Going to

If you are going to go abroad with small steps but more radically with big steps, the first thing you should do is to learn the language of the country you are going to.

As everyone knows very well, business life is extremely cruel and no matter how big a capital you have, you cannot work with a translator all the time. It will have an extremely high cost. Therefore, learn the language of the country you are going to. For this, before embarking on such a job, attend introductory or intermediate language courses at your level in the language of your own country. Also attend more essential course programs such as practical level speaking classes, technical translation courses. Talking to your customers in their own language will in itself create trust for you and will make you extremely advantageous. For example, if you are going to open a business in Spain, no matter how good your English is, knowing the Spanish language will make you extremely advantageous.

In addition, if necessary, establishing a call center according to the state of your business will also create added value for you.

Learn Rules for International Businesses

Now, one of the most important tricks of the job is that you need to learn the rules specific to international businesses before you go. Every country’s businesses have their own rules. For example, the rules in the United States are not the same as in Germany. Each country has its own laws and procedures. It will not be enough to know the language of the country very well. Moreover, doing business abroad is in no way similar to doing business in our country. Therefore, if you do not have an education in fields such as foreign trade and international trade, if you do not have sufficient knowledge, it will be beneficial for you to participate in the certificate programs given in this field, to the relevant schools through distance or formal education, for a short or long term and to gain knowledge.

In addition, with the support given by a mentor and/or our government working in this field, go abroad It will always be useful.

Have Your Resources Ready

After taking all these steps mentioned above, it should not be forgotten that resource usage is also extremely important. You must have a plan B and risk analyzes must be made and solutions must be found for possible problems. Today, many companies that go abroad do not prepare all their resources in advance and therefore experience certain problems and cannot progress as they wish.

First of all, at this stage, the companies should determine what resources they have at the point of opening abroad, and then determine the missing resources and accordingly, they should open abroad by taking all the precautions. Companies that cannot do this correctly and properly experience problems that cannot be compensated after.

Build a Network of Connections

go abroad The last parameter to be taken at this point and which we will try to express here is to create your own connection network, if you cannot do this, the other steps you take may not be of much use.

You can speak the language of the country very well, you can use your resources correctly, you can know the legal regulations of the relevant country. But all this is not enough. You should definitely create your connections in some form before doing this job in that country. For this, it is necessary to talk about what you need to do, the following are the first things that can be said. You can go for two steps or use both at the same time.

Both KOSGEB etc. You can participate in international fairs through institutions, either through other institutions or by your own means, and you can promote your own company in international markets. It is also an advantage in itself to have information about the situation of companies doing the same job as you at these fairs. In addition, you can establish connections that will contribute to you in some way.

Another method at this stage is to take such a step online. Again, at this point, when you do a solid research and reach the people and institutions you see as key, it will make your work easier when you go abroad. It will pave the way for you to reach the right target audience in a shorter time, which will enable you to progress rapidly abroad.

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